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{Yoni Massage} How To Give A Real Pussy Massage My Step By Step Guide

yoni massage

One of the greatest and most extraordinary gifts you can give to a woman is the magicalPussy Massage… or better known as Yoni Massage.If given in the right way a yoni massage can be life-changing to a woman. It can be anexperience of deep pleasure, release, awakening, empowerment, expansion, connection and healing.And honestly babe.. just a couple of hours ago I’ve received that gift from my manand I feel like my heart is open and breathing and I am feeeling so damn alive.So in today’s video I ll give you some powerful insights how you can prepare for and givea truly magical yoni massage.Before we dive into the practical part of the yoni massage let me share with you someimportant thoughts here.A yoni massage is all about giving.. I know that most guys out there usually expect somethingin return when they give something, but not so in the yoni massage.The magic of the yoni massage is that it does not involve any activity from the woman, nordoes it involve intercourse.That’s because when a woman knows that nothing.. absolutely nothing is expected from her, shewill be able to fully let go. And this babe … can be an incredible experience for youto witness. You might even experience her in a way you never did before.And please remember: A yoni massage is not goal oriented. It’s not all about orgasmbut rather an orgasmic state.And here is one more babe.. this video will give you only a brief overview on the artof yoni massage. If you want all insights and a full demonstration then I invite youto sign up for my upcoming Lovers Magic Course.Prepare a mat on the floor, with cushions, blankets & towels. Create a cocoon for yoursharing and pleasure.Make sure to have enough lubricant handy. I personally only use raw virgin coconut oil.Coconut oil nourishes the skin & has tons of healing properties. My rule of thumb: Thepurer the product the better for the body.
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Now it’s very important to make sure that the room has the right temperature, ambience,sound & coziness. This is a crucial part, babe.. I will share all of my secrets fromcleansing a room energetically to my playlist during the yoni massage, to ancient secretsto fill the room with amazing energy and many more awesome ideas in the Lovers Magic Course.Yes honey.. bringing your mind in the right state of mind is super important. When yougive something as sacred as the yoni massage you want to be fully present and you wantto be in a positive state of mind.Particular Music, Meditation & Movements can help you to get there.Now that your space is set up and you are in the right mindset it is time to inviteyour partner to the room.You and your partner should only wear a sarong. Then connect with her - physically, emotionally& spiritually. There are many different ways to do so. The most important thing here isto follow your intuition.I personally have found that a great way to open a woman for the yoni massage is by massagingher whole body.A woman’s sexual fire needs nurturing which means that it can take in average 20-30 minutesuntil she is really open. So be patient, be present and be fully into it.Become a magician with your hands. Massage every part of her body.. except for her yoni.Do not touch her yoni at this point. You can get really close, but do not touch her.there’s actually so much to say about this part that it could fill a whole book. Andto me personally this opening massage can take up to 2 hours, but for this video itwould be too much to go into details. We’ll do so in the Lover’s Magic Course.Once your partner is relaxed you can position yourself between her legs. Make sure you sitcomfortably. Find out what feels best for you & your partner.Then place your left hand on her heart centre in the middle of the chest and your righthand on her yoni. Let your hands go soft. Breath & Connect with her. Be fully present.With oiled fingertips start softly tapping her intimate area - from the cruciate ligamentto her moon hill.Now take lubricant, warm it in your hands and gently & slowly spread it over the yoniof your lady. Spread the lubricant with your whole hand from the bottom to the top of heryoni.Be generous with the lubricant and also spread it in between her labia.yo babe.. since this video is public I am not allowed to show you the next moves inperson. Otherwise Youtube would shut down my channel due to nudity. So from here I willjust continue to explain you the next steps – no demonstration. So let’s continueOnce her whole yoni is lubricated start by massaging her outer, then her inner vaginallips. Be gentle, be slow, be present. Be intuitive & creative.Include her perineum as well - the area between her yoni and anus, it is very sensitive andfilled with nerves.In the Lovers Magic course I’ll also show you strokes such as the venus lips shiatsuand others which are perfect for this stage of the yoni massage.The clitoris pearl sits like a queen at the upper part of the vulva.But what many don’t know is that her arms spread throughout a woman’s entire pelvicfloor. 

The clitoris has 8000 sensory nerve endings .. that’s pretty incredible especiallywhen we put this into perspective with the penis which has only about 4000.So this little diamond is pretty powerful and should get lots of attention and lovefrom you.When you touch her clit make your fingers featherlight. Draw small circles around it,stroke up and down or paint the letters of the alphabet on her clit.When you massage this little pearl get ready for high states of arousal in your lady. Butbabe.. relax and do not make her orgasm yet.And very important: Don’t go harder, don’t go faster. This is a good general rule forthe massage. Relax & Enjoy the sensation of touching your lover & watching her body respond.From time to time spread the sexual energy throughout her entire body.yo honey this might sound weird and new to you, but before you enter her yoni ask permissionto do so.Then gently put one finger on her opening. If she’s ready she will suck you in naturallywith her pelvic floor muscles. Explore the entrance of the yoni. Slowly. 

In the LoversMagic Course I ll also share sexual reflexology points which you can activate at this stageof the massage.From the entrance of the yoni start to draw small circles on the upper wall of her yoni..go deeper with each circle. You will eventually reach her G-Spot.The G-Spot extends the entire length of her yoni and ends just in front of her cervix.It truly is a powerful point of pleasure and memories which needs much more in depth explanation.But for now massage this area in circles or strokes with your fingers curved into a bananashape. Start slowly and increase intensity as you go. Combine this with clitoral stimulation.Now slow down until you rest in total silence. Remove your fingers in sloooooww motion. Betotally present now. Give her space.I truly hope that this small introduction into the art of yoni massage was of help toyou. And like I mentioned a couple of times during the video I highly recommend you tosign up for my upcoming Lover’s Magic Course since it is much more in depth and detail.In the course I will also share other ways to deeply and profoundly connect with yourpartner – emotionally, spiritually & sexually.Much love to you. Peace.. I am out.


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