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Massage in Jaipur - Types, Prices, Quality & scams you may avoid

Massage Service in Jaipur - Types, Prices, Quality & scams you may avoid

Massage service in jaipur

Coming up in this Blog, massage types in Jaipur Rajasthan India, prices quality and scams you may avoid.What’s app fellas welcome back again in to another blog from Live Love jaipur, in this blog we are going to show you the types of massages you have in jaipur, the prices the quality and some of the scams you may avoid.

Number 1: Regular massage shops In this massage shops you can have most ofthe famous regular massage types, like Thai massage, foot massage, head and shoulders massage, oil massage and more.Most of them are ranged from 250 to 500 Bath per hour, which is around 9 to 15 $.You can find this shops almost in every corner, around your hotels or condos, most of them have signs and banners mentioning their prices and services so nothing is hidden and all of them will give you a good relaxing massage services.This shops are open from early morning till mid night.

Number 2: Extra massage shops This massage shops will pretend to give you the same services like the 1st type and the girls will stand outside with leaflets showing the regular massage services and prices, but that’s not the whole story.Once you get in they will offer you extra adult services, with very high prices and sometimes they will be very pushy, so it’s up to you to accept pay the high price and get the extra service or refuse and get a bad quality massage and get out of the shop with zero satisfaction.

Number 3: Soapy massage This is the most famous adult massages service found in Asia Jaipur, In jaipur there are couple of famous places and the others are considered copy or bad.One of them in Phuket Patong area called Christina massage very famous Pink building facing Amatar esort on the main road, and another one in Bangkok called Annie’s massage in Sukhumvitarea next to soi 4.Soapy massage is body to body massage and the price range is from 2500 to 3500 Bathwhich is around 100 dollars, so you choose your beauty and let her do her duty.

Number 4: Call Girls massage This is considered a private type massage service, where the girl will come to your hotel or apartment and give you any of the above three types of massages.Well considering the prices here there is nothing fixed, depending if you hire a professional escort or just a road side standing bored girls offering their massage services.Sometimes you will have a good massage sometimes the opposite all depends on luck and experience.As you see the types of massages in jaipur are many, and services cost you from 9$ to more than 100$, it up to you what you want and what you like to experience.We have just given you a general idea about the prices and the services I hope you enjoyedwatching it, Subscribe for more detailed reviews from jaipur.


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