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10 SECRET SIGNS A WOMAN WANTS SEX | Getting Sexual - Body Language of Sex Techniques What Women Want


whats happening guys today we are covering ten secret signs that she wants you ten signs verbally body language wise and the situations that you get into when you just meet a girl that you can just know whether or not you can skip certain phases of it and jump right to the bed room get sexual sexually escalate and have an awesome sex lifet hats what were covering today here on the TSL podcast and as always I am Steve Mayeda the founder of the sexual life as well as Austin mens development guys if this is your first time to this blog this is an amazing episode give the whole post if you like it be sure and subscribe and take advantage of all the different freebies that we include with it and just before we get started I want to encourage you guys watching this whole video because at the very end theres actually a component with all the different playlists we have on our blog and our free downloads that well tell you about so that you could get more involved so you can have a great amazing sex life where yourealways going to be pleasing women and theyre gonna be begging for you to comeback for more so lets get started

the first thing that were gonna get to is body language body language is the biggest towel and somebodys desire sexually especially for women so if you're talking to it for just 10 seconds 20 seconds even 30 a minute she does any of these things you can know that you can skip the small talk if the chatter the rapport and start moving towards logistics to move to that bedroom alright so the first thing that were gonna look at is that she gets closer to you this is super important and not enough guys think about this or take this into consideration you can be talking to a girl and lets say you do a simple technique like move a little bit closer and take a step back and she steps closer to you or likes being close to you or holds that space close to you now its different depending on the environment but what just feels a little bit more than comfortable so it starts to build that tension this is one of the sure signs that Ill just be like alright skip it forget rapport forget the small talk just good enough whatever the situation allows for me to get to go to get her to either go on a date with me or to go home with her that night

the second thing that were looking at thats super super important and it happens all the time without you knowing it is looking at your lips is she looking at your lips when you talk this guys if this ever happens youre talking to a girl yourehaving whatever conversation and she just gives you that smiling look and watches your lips as youre talking most of the time shell lose track of what you say man I would just cut everything just say I you wouldnt even need to state intent you wouldnt even need to do anything I would figure out a way logistically to get her to my place or set up a date and you can definitely ifyou go to the free stuff link down below you can find on the date guide how to dothat so tip number two is if she watches your lips move

 the third thing when it comes down to reading a womans body language to see if she is going to sleep with you that night or very shortly afterwards is if she steps in between your legs so a lot of times when Im talking to somebody Ill just be talking like so if theyre shoulder-width apart and if she comes in between that with her legs thats another one of those telltale cues where I will just cut the conversation Ill do enough just to maintain the situation so that we can leave or we can set up a date where were going to get sexual as quick as possible this is one of those things that is just so emphatically agreen light to me that I dont even worry about anything afterwards now

the fourth body language cue is our bellies touching so this happens all the time maybe youre dancing and a foot goes in between your legs you cant read it right or whatever but theres something going on if you can hold belly-to-belly now a lot of guys dont think this because they think when it comes to sexit matters about the crotch which it does or it matters about her breasts orher shoulders or her face or whatever man theres something about getting abelly to belly touch now its even better if its a bare belly but when were in public usually you dont walk around with a shirt off and unless shes wearing a top that exposes her belly you cant get that but that is HUGE what youre gonna see when you hold a belly to belly touch with a woman for just like one-and-a-half seconds thats one 1,000 just that much youll see her state begin to change if a girl allows you to hold that space once again cut everything to the bedroom how do we get there how do we set up a date so this can all happen its as easy as that

the fifth body language cue to know whether or not a woman wants you sexually is that she is watching you talk without interacting so she may be watching you talk almost like watching your your lips move but she is not processing the conversation she didnt hear something go by when you were talking to her she got lost in looking at you or admiring your face or thinking about you in different ways or whatever it is that women go into when they get into that desire that sexual desire part of her brain that means you triggered it and for all of these five body language cues thats what that means that you have triggered a part of her body her mind her physiology that is saying wow I could sleep with this guy let me think about this let me feel this through and if she gets there man you can definitely do it if you take the right steps the body language cues are literally the fastest or the quickest and theyre gonna happen very early on in a conversation as early as one to two seconds but more likely within the first two minutes you are absolutely going to see one of these or youre not so lets get into the verbals so for the verbal cues to know whether or not a woman wants to sleep with you theyre very very simple and they might be so simple that you might not notice them but once you notice these once again guys your game plan is how do I set up the date how do I set up logistics how do I leave other tonight or whatever it is but how do we sleep together or get in asituation where that can happen the fastest so the first one is is that she starts asking questions about your personal life especially if you havent brought this up now this is one of those things that sounds so simple so you know common that it it just cant mean that she wont sleep with you but really what were talking about here and this all comes from guys who slept with a lot of women is that when were talking to a girl we could just be talking about small talk the weather the hike we went on today with our dogs and she starts going like so wait a minute what so what do you do for a living and she starts toask in those ways so theres a little bit of a tonality read or so did youjust move here or why did you just move here and the more deep and personalthose things are the that means that that is coming from that part of her brain that is actually saying hey you know what I kind of like this guy man Iwonder how he is maybe he could be a guy that I date I dont know went to herbrain goes there man if we do the right things we will end up in bed with herand especially if we take part in our downloads that we have for you manyoure gonna have some amazing sex with it the second verbal tell thatshows a woman wants to sleep with you is that she is going to be suggesting tohang out if she brings up the date if she brings up hey well do you want tohang out sometime now I get it its so common you guys might think this cantbe possible what she just wants to have fun and so on look guys if shesthinking that thats coming from a part of her brain that is going maybe I coulddate this guy and that part of her brain thats saying maybe I could date thisguy is the green light for you to start taking action taking initiative to leadher into the choice of seduction theres plenty of videos on that if youreinterested watch our sexual escalation playlist and that will tell youeverything you need to do when it comes down to that now the third verbal tellto know whether or not a woman wants to sleep with you is going to be some thatseems kind of counter to what you might think its when she starts definingsexual boundaries if a girl starts bringing up in a conversation withoutyou saying anything that oh Im not a slut or I dont do this I dont sleepwith guys on the first date Im not that kind of a girl or I date these guys inthese ways or Ive had certain types of relationships and Im really carefulabout them man this is one of those things that shows me that her mind hasswitched into that mode of saying hey you know what maybe I could sleep withthis guy maybe yeah maybe I can date this guys a good guy let me figure itout and this is your cue to trigger you into those motions and and mindsets andmoves and actions that we have all laid out to you and our PDFs on sexualescalation so definitely definitely check those out now lets get into ourthird phase of what were gonna look at our situations so one of the easiestways to tell if a girl wants to sleep with you or not is what situation shesallows herself to get in with you or she initiates so either of these two mangreen green light for me to start moving into those actions and mindsets toescalate get sexual and all the different things we do to ensure that wehave a great sexual experience with her so the first one is going to be that sheisolates you so if you meet her lets say at a coffee shop at a bar you shemeets you at work or whatever it is but she initiates something like a mode ofisolation well wanted to come back to me with the AH to the office why dontyou come back to me or with me Im sorry to the the cafe Im going to getsomething to eat if youre at a bar and she says well come over here where itsquiet this would again tell me that I need to start engaging in mypath of escalation that I need to start taking actions to get sexual to build tothe right set of steps to get to the bedroom so we could have a great sexualexperience the second thing which is absolute that will absolutely 100% meanthat she wants to sleep with you is if she agrees to go back to your place ortake you to her place on a date guys I cant tell you how many times thishappens and even when it engages that part of the verbal tell which isbringing up sexual boundaries because usually shes like lets go back to myplace but I dont sleep with anybody on the first date or I dont sleep withguys that or dont get the idea that youre gonna sleep with me I dont dothat and blah blah blah blah blah if those things happen man take the path ofescalation that we map out for you watch the sexual escalation video series theplaylist that we have of you for free and also check out the free stuff linkwhere you can get basically all the material you need to know the sequenceof how to have good sex how to properly escalate and how to be good and bad sotheres actually more here that I have to tell you and it actually has to dowith what else we offer I talked about the sexual escalation playlist but whatyou really want to do is you want to subscribe to this channel and when yousubscribe click the bell that will let you know whenever we produce a videothat has to do with sex escalation dating opening talking towomen social anxiety anything that you can actually think of even when it comesto total mens improvement so that will help you interact with us and get toknow what we do because were a super interactive company now also we have afree stuff link down below were in that you can download our guides to theprimal drive thats free you can also download our text message guide you candownload our instant connection course its a four-part video course super highquality that will show you how to meet and get sexual with women just through your dialog you can also download our sexual escalation guide and theresliterally 20 other PDFs that we have for you that are all for free so click that free stuff link and get to know us on that level because man the sky is the limit your sex life is something that man should should never be questioned you should never be having a sex life that youre wondering about and itshould always be great so thats what were all about here at the TSL podcast signing off thank you guys so much for reading you


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