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10 Psychological Tricks To Get Her To Like You - How To Make a Girl ATTRACTED To Me?

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How To Make a Girl ATTRACTED To Me

hey guys its practical psychology here and after my post on how to tell if agirl likes you a lot about a lot of great feedback i decided to make a videoon 10 psychological ways to get a girl to like youfirst off I want to say that these are ethical and arent manipulative but willin the end make a girl subconsciously be attracted to and want to be around youmoreso number one have your own life this is like literally the foundation ofstarting a great relationship and will give you the starting base to make herlike you think of it like this if someone tries to sell you this amazingnew book with all kinds of secret life formulas that will make you rich happyget a six pack in 3 days and become a new world leader in the marketing andpackaging of the book looks great but then you open it and read it and all itsays is life is short you dont need these things buy more books for betteradvice when youre trying to get a relationship or make a girl like you andyou have a boring life this is literally what youre doingimagine having amazing life and doing awesome things that you say hey girl ireally like having you around you want to stick around and thats all it takesmake your own personal life interesting and girls will flock tip number to havean interesting hobby or passionheres another super interesting tip that is hard to find elsewhere on theinternet literally having just one passion will make you see moreinteresting plus it adds respect to tip number one youre starting your own lifeyour hobby can be anything that youre passionate about just make sure itstrue passion and not faked if i said i love chainsaws and carving chainsaw artin my free time but i actually didnt the sparkle wouldnt be there in thegirl wont see it when you are actually passionate about somethingyour girl will notice theres something infinitely sexy about a guy with anintense passion towards something it could be programming motorcyclingcooking drawing reading playing an instrument and anything else that suitsyour fancy just put in the time bonus point to be create something in theprocesstip number three have great hygiene ok guys number one tip to instantly make agirl attracted smell goodI dont even mean smell amazing you just have to smell decent go take a shower ora body soap all over you twice shampoo your hair dry yourself off apply gooddeodorant put clean clothes on in your set no need to douse yourself with halfa gallon of Axe body spray you just have to smell presentable you can tho by somecologne and spray one squirt two squirts max i recommend one on the wrist and onenear your neckline this is all it takes the smell great and girls fall for greatswelling guysall the time tip number 4 ask her to do things for you so this is definitely asecret tip and maybe even a bit manipulative but definitely not anythingevil or negative just ask her to do something for youtheres a psychological effect called the Benjamin Franklin effect that goeslike this you ask a girl to do something for youshe does it and in the end she subconsciously likes you just a bit moreyou might be asking why thoughwell when we do stuff for people our brain thinks since were doing somethingfor them we must like them now Benjamin Franklin uses techniques on his rivalsand political opponents to get them to like morealso theres something called the consistency bias after someone has donesomething for you a couple of times theyre more likely to do more justbecause they dont want to look inconsistent tip ask for things likepicking up a pencil for notes in class giving someone a paper or even smallerrands but dont overdo it though where shell feel like youre using her tipnumber five make her laugh this is a great tip and you may not think yourefunny but the truth is everyone can be funny if they try you have to putyourself in enough situations to get used to the opportunist of telling anunfunny joke enough that you have the confidence to tell more jokes aroundpeople the more you tell the better you will get girls love laughing and themore that you can make them laugh the higher up in their social change youwill seem it proves that youre intellectually strong and humerus whichis a desirable trait and future matealso this will give you the chance to see where her eyes are going whatevershe laughs to see if shes interested in you at alltip number six be her friend theres a big difference between being her friendand being friend zone also i want to note its been proven and totallyacceptable to be in the friend zone for months at a time and then move in andstart dating so go the extra mile and do stuff that makes her smile do thingsthat other guys wouldnt do stuff like leave little notes in her car centregood morning text talking through problems and sympathize with herin fact in doing these youre practically half way already dating heryou just have to tell her that you wanted for the rest of your life in yourbasically set righttip number 7 break the touch barrier heres a good subconscious psychologicalhit that works amazingly well in many situations touch your shoulder ask herfor something and grab it out of her hand or make up some game that requiresthe touch and play with her like rock-paper-scissors come up with a coolhandshake if you have to the idea is to make her know that youre willing totouch her in a non-sexual way because you feel comfortable around her and toget a reaction if she seems disgusted or scareddont touch her anymore number eight tell her secretstelerik secret about you something personal that not very many people knowthis will open the door for trust and as you tell her more things about you shewill notice that you trust her and in turn she will trust you morepsychologically we like and trust people who trust us first because we have anatural instinct to be wary of new people and not to trust them so when youprove that you trust her she will start to reciprocate in the same fashion and irecommend telling her secrets that youd be okay with other people knew just incase she tell someone but make sure their personal and make sure they wouldbe considered a secret bonus points if theyre things that are slightlyembarrassing something like you have 11 toes or youre voting for Trump shoulddo fine tip number 9 give her all of your attention in a world where yourattention can go anywhere it is one of the most valuable things you can give agirl if you want her pay attention to her and not just for a couple minuteslook her in the eyes when shes talking to you and make mental note of all thisup shes talking about if you can mention it in later conversations sofeel special and start to enjoy your presence this works with anyonethe last tip is to beef up your confidence game ill be making a videosoon on some amazing secret tips that you can do each day to boost yourconfidence game this is a lot to do with being self-aware and knowing what makesyou awkward and insecure and working on yourself and improving this to becomemore secure and confident who you are as a personthe best general advice I can give you to become more confident and make a girllike you is to work out regularly if youre in middle school or high school Isuggest three days a weekarms legs and core / cardio now near the end of high school and during collegeyou can get into more advanced schedule and supplements and i might go into thatkind of stuff and topics and future videos thanks for watching guys andclick the like button if i should make more psychological tip videos i hopethese tips added value to your life and if you want more psychologicallythrilling videos that teach you awesome stuffsubscribe


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